EWPAA Plywood & LVL Production Course a great introduction to industry

By 30/10/2016Blog

The 2016 Plywood and LVL Production Course run by the EWPAA in Rotorua, NZ, last week was deemed a ‘must attend’ event for new recruits in the sector. The five-day course, held at the Waipa Campus of Waiariki Institute of Technology, was attended by 30 delegates from across Australia, New Zealand and Fiji and covered all facets of the production processes for both plywood and LVL, including peeling, drying, veneer grading and adhesives.

EWPAA plywood and LVL production course attendees with EWPAA staff at the Waipa Campus of Waiariki Institute of Technology in Rotorua, New Zealand

Sessions also included basic structural mechanics, bond evaluation and trouble-shooting, product certification, standards, management systems, quality control and costs, as well as the structural properties of both plywood and LVL.

EWPAA CEO Dave Gover said course participants had provided decidedly positive feedback on the course, highlighting its importance to those new to the industry, as a comprehensive overview of plywood and LVL production.

“Attendees found the course to be highly relevant to their roles in the industry, and would be applying what they had learnt to their jobs upon their return,” Mr Gover said. “The continuous reinforcement of sound manufacturing practices and operator-based quality control is fundamental to high reliability engineered wood products,” he said. “The attendees also commented that the course was a fantastic networking opportunity, and they enjoyed meeting people from different roles within the industry.”

The course also included tours to mills and resin development facilities, as well as practical demonstrations and exercises, including chiselling, bond evaluation workshops and strength testing.