A significant role of the EWPAA is providing product certification and testing services for our members. EWPAA certification comprises a number of robust Type 5 certification schemes that assess wood products, and the manufacturer’s ability to reliably and consistently make those products in conformity to Australian, New Zealand and international product standards.

We offer a number of different certifications:

  • The EWPAA Plywood & LVL Certification Scheme
  • The EWPAA Particleboard & MDF Certification Scheme
  • Chain of Custody Certification
  • The Responsible Wood/PEFC Australian Wood Packaging Scheme
  • The EWPAA Plantation Timber Certification Scheme

EWPAA certification is a Type 5 Certification Scheme under the globally recognised standard ISO/IEC 17067:2013 ‘Conformity assessment —Fundamentals of product certification and guidelines for product certification schemes’. All ISO/IEC 17067 certification schemes require an initial determination of product characteristics and the issuing of a license that attests to product conformity. Some product certification schemes stop there.

The EWPAA’s Type 5 certification scheme goes further. It includes ongoing inspection and testing of product in the factory and in the market, as well as auditing of the manufacturing process and management systems. This puts the EWPAA certification scheme among the most comprehensive in the building products industry.

EWPs are high reliability products that protect the safety of human life, as well as building occupants’ health and wellbeing. Ensuring the safety, health and well-being of building occupants requires confidence that the product is fit-for-purpose. The EWPAA’s certification is a mark of confidence.

Our certification activities are overseen by an independent panel of industry experts sitting as the Engineered Wood Products Quality Committee (EWPQC). The EWPQC meets twice a year to independently review the EWPAA’s certification activities.

Associated Standards and Rules

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