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The EWPAA co-ordinates a Research and Development Program in line with our mission statement and co-operatively with other industry groups and research bodies through participation in Forest and Wood Products Australia (FWPA) funded research programs.

Our R&D Program includes projects from across the spectrum of industry, including manufacturing technology, product development, and design & application of products. The results from these projects provide a basis for continuing improvement of standards in manufacturing, product reliability and product uses. They are also the basis for our technical resources regarding product design and application developments. Research work is performed at the EWPAA laboratory, government research laboratories and universities.

The EWPAA Product Certification Scheme and Quality Control Program is underpinned by research into engineered wood products manufacturing technology.  We continue to support research efforts into improved adhesives technology, the development of approved preservation systems for glued structural veneer products, and the development of improved timber construction methods.

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