Bulletin Archive
EWPAA Bulletin 015 September 2016

EWPAA Bulletin – September 2016

  • EWPAA presents at TDA Awards
  • Trophy recognises valued service
  • EWPAA gold standard jumps the bar
  • Clair to promote product performance
  • FCJA gains traction
  • Plywood great learning ‘curve’
  • EWPAA team on China mission
  • Engineered wood’s key role in tall timber
EWPAA Bulletin 014 January 2016

EWPAA Bulletin – January 2016

  • Setting the gold standard
  • Engineered wood shines at awards
  • Students hold key to future designs
  • Japan ticks EWPAA JAS program
  • Zero emissions message at Furnitex
  • Engineered wood vibrates in urban areas
  • EWPAA remains industry watchdog on compliance
  • EWPAA Directors gather in Brisbane
EWPAA Bulletin 013 November-December 2014

EWPAA Bulletin – December 2014

  • Laser-cut panels win EWPAA trophy
  • Stand on standards stops Asian shipment
  • Quality time at EWPAA Brisbane laboratories
  • EWPAA quality tick for Fiji plywood
  • Engineered wood top of game in NZ
  • US tests finds high emissions in imports
  • EWPs choice of UK contract business
EWPAA Bulletin 012 June-July 2014

EWPAA Bulletin – July 2014

  • Richard Colbeck opens new EWPAA offices
  • Technical Note: Revision of LVL Scaffold Planks
  • Strong EWPAA message online
  • Furniture industry backs ‘green sticker’ campaign
  • Ever vigilant on performance of EWPs
  • Beware: Not ‘Fit-for-Purpose’
  • Procurement policy ‘no-brainer’ for industry
  • Hoop pine plywood turns old into news