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The EWPAA Education and Training Program encompasses training programs and seminars to people at every stage of their careers in the wood products industry, from architecture and engineering students at universities across Australia, to manufacturing and sales staff working with EWPAA member products.

The EWPAA Plywood & LVL Manufacturing Course

The EWPAA Plywood & LVL Manufacturing Course is designed to give EWPAA member manufacturing staff a broader insight into the process of manufacturing plywood and LVL products, as well as contemporary issues that the industry is facing. The Production Course has been running since the 1960s and is well-known throughout the industry. It is held on an annual basis, with the location changing on a three-yearly cycle.

To find out more about our Production Course, or to register your interest, please contact our Communications Officer, Clair Hammond.

Tertiary Education

The EWPAA often provides guest lectures to engineering and architecture students across the country. These can involve simply introducing engineered wood products to a first year class or may focus on more in-depth topics relevant to Masters students. The EWPAA has recently worked with the University of Queensland and the University of Newcastle.

If you are an academic and would like the EWPAA to present a guest lecture as part of one of your courses, please contact our Communications Officer, Clair Hammond.

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