The EWPAA is involved in a variety of areas of standards development, including the preparation of product standards for the engineered wood products manufactured by members, the development of design and application standards for wood products and the inclusion of these standards in the ‘deemed to satisfy’ provisions of the Building Code of Australia.

Product Standards impact significantly on the requirements of the EWPAA Quality Control and Product Certification Scheme. The design and application standards and Building Code of Australia requirements impact significantly on the development of design data included in technical resources. The EWPAA has been instrumental in the development of joint Australian and New Zealand standards for both plywood, LVL and panels products.

At the EWPAA, industry, national and international standards are important tools for ensuring timber products and timber structures are safe, reliable and fit-for-purpose.

Current Standards in Development

The EWPAA and its members are currently involved in the following standards committees;

  • TM-010 – Timber Structures & Framing
  • TM-011 – Engineered Timber Products
  • TM-012 – Timber Grading & Preservation
  • BD-036 – Scaffolding
  • BD-089 – Cabinets in the Built Environment
  • ME-029 – Fasteners

Programs & Standards

Certification Schemes
Education & Training
Standards Development
Research & Development
Technical Promotion
Market Maintenance