The EWPAA’s market maintenance program is designed to protect the reputation of wood products in the market from poor quality, high risk product.

The program monitors incorrect branding and misleading products to Australian and New Zealand Standards. The Association uses the existing legislation enshrined in the Trade Practices Act, which covers false or misleading information being supplied to consumers, as a means of maintaining an honest and level playing field in the marketplace.  Where product safety is in question, the EWPAA involves the relevant State Occupational Health and Safety Organisations to alert consumers to non-compliant products.

Due to our expertise and long history in the industry, the EWPAA is regularly requested to act in the resolution of disputes involving EWPAA certified products. The EWPAA technical team provides assistance to designers, specifiers and end users to ensure correct specification and installation of EWPAA product, thereby minimising the potential for the use of non-conforming or non-compliant product.

The EWPAA acts on behalf of our members in advocating for changes to legislation across Australia, particularly in the area of non-conforming building products. The issue of non-conforming building products is a pervasive one in our society, and the EWPAA is committed to fostering change within the industry and the wider community through our advocacy work.

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