Who We Are

The EWPAA is a member association for manufacturers of engineered wood products, particularly plywood, laminated veneer lumber (LVL), particleboard and medium density fibreboard (MDF). We also represent a number of solid and mass timber processors, such as Glue Laminated Timber (GLT) and Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) producers. From our office based in Brisbane, Australia, we support our membership throughout Australasia, including Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and Papua New Guinea.

On behalf of our members, we coordinate a market development program which involves the following aspects:

  • Product Certification
  • Standards Development
  • Education & Training
  • Research & Development
  • Market Maintenance
  • Technical Promotion

The range of products manufactured and merchandised by our members includes the traditional interior, exterior and marine plywood products, as well as a wide range of modern engineered wood products. This encompasses structural plywoods used for formwork, residential and commercial flooring, wind and earthquake bracing, and feature cladding; and LVL, particleboard, MDF, hardboard, mass timber, and I-beam products used in both commercial and residential structures.

The EWPAA began in 1934 as the Queensland Veneer and Plywood Board, which was focused on administrative issues facing the veneer and plywood industry at the time. The association developed a national focus in 1939, when it became known as the Australian Plywood Board.

The association became more involved in market development activities and so changed its name in 1966 to the Plywood Association of Australia (PAA), a name many people still recognise today.

As the membership base grew to include manufacturers outside Australia and the association’s focus also grew to include products other than plywood, the name was changed to the Engineered Wood Products Association of Australasia (EWPAA).

Our Mission

The mission of the EWPAA is to assist in maximising the medium to long term financial benefits to all of its members. This mission is to be achieved by using the EWPAA as a vehicle to provide those functions which none of the members as individual corporations can effectively provide for themselves. We pride ourselves on representing the interests of our members in areas of the industry they would not be able participate in individually, such as standards development, industry education and research and development.

Our Team

Andy McNaught

Technical Consultant

Suzie Steiger

Operations Manager

Anna Zlotek

Financial Officer

Troy Edwards

Technical Officer

Harrison Brooke

Technical Manager

Claudia Roder

Civil Engineer