Technical Resource
Structural Plywood & LVL Design Guide
  • Author: Suzie Steiger
  • Version: 5
  • Released: Dec 2018
  • File Size: 10087.2kb


Our Design Guide gives a comprehensive overview of design using structural plywood and LVL products. This guide includes theory and worked examples from experienced timber industry engineers.


Plywood & LVL - The Manufacturing Process
Structural Plywood
Structural Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL)
Plywood & LVL Physical and Mechanical Properties
Structural Plywood - Design Principles & Procedures
Structural LVL - Design Principles & Procedures
Basic Structural Plywood & LVL Building Components
Structural Plywood Webbed Box Beam Design
Structural Plywood Diaphragms & Shearwalls
Structural Plywood/LVL Gusseted Timber Portal Frames
Plywood Stressed Skin Panels
Exotic Structural Forms
Connection Design - Plywood & LVL
Noise Control
Condensation & Thermal Transmission
Resistance to Fire, Decay & Bugs

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