Members & Certification
Nelson Pine Industries Ltd. (MDF)
Address: Lower Queen Street, Nelson, New Zealand
Phone: +64 3 543 8824
Web Site:
Certificates:  JIS A 5905
Japanese Industrial Scheme (JIS)
JIS A 5905 Fibreboard
Certificate Number EW NZ 11 001
Certificate Date 03/05/2011
JIS Law certified to Section 1, Article 37 of the Industrial Standardization Law of Japan
Label Info ATCA JIS A 5905 mark, Certification number, Company name, ID and traceability details, Product type details, Dimension details.
Labelling Method Printed label attached to cardboard label and then attached to pack.
  • RS Type 25, MR1 (M), F****
  • RS Type 25, REG (U), F***
  • RS Type 25, REG (U), F****
  • RS Type 30, REG (U), F***
  • RS Type 30, REG (U), F****
  • RS Type 5, REG (U), F***
  • RS Type 5, REG (U), F****