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Branding of EWPAA certified products.

Wood Panels products that have been manufactured and tested against Australian/New Zealand Standards will carry specific markings as required in the  Australian/ New Zealand Product Standards. These markings will indicate the products specific details and indicate it compliance to these Standards. 

The labelling requirements vary from product to product and the pdf files below will outline the base requirements for the various products, with particular attention being made to products certified by the EWPAA. 

EWPAA Certification mark

The EWPAA certification mark can be found on a pack's label and in some cases on the product itself.  The EWPAA certification mark indicates that the product carrying it meets Australian/New Zealand Standards. The mark generally looks like this:

EWPAA certification covers Plywood, Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL), MDF, and Particleboard. A list of certified manufacturers and their product can be located on the EWPAA website.

To check if a manufacturer’s product is EWPAA certified visit:

PDF Files