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The EWPAA's Roles and Activities

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The Engineered Wood Products Association of Australasia has a proud history that is continuous back to May 1934 when nine Queensland manufacturers founded the Queensland Veneer and Plywood Board. This organisation further developed into the Australian Plywood Board in January 1939. As the function of the organisation became less involved in administrative and pricing matters, and more involved in market developmental activities, the name was changed to The Plywood Association of Australia Ltd in May 1966. In June 2002, the name of the Association was changed to the Plywood Association of Australasia Ltd. And in April 2006 the name of the Association was changed to the Engineered Wood Products Association of Australasia, to more accurately reflect its membership base and products.

Throughout this long history the Association has been fiercely independent of Government funding being funded on a voluntary basis by the veneer, plywood and Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) manufacturers.

Todays EWPAA continues this successful tradition. The Association remains an industry driven organisation, voluntarily funded by plywood & LVL manufacturers in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and Papua New Guinea and supported by affiliate members who are suppliers of goods and services to the industry.

The Association has developed and maintains a high respect across the broad range of our contacts and clients both domestically and internationally as an industry wide organisation whose emphasis is on self help. The activities of the modern EWPAA are almost entirely market developmental. In this context the mission statement of the Association is: -

The mission of the EWPAA is to assist in maximising the medium to long term financial benefits to all of its members. This mission is to be achieved by using the EWPAA as a vehicle to provide those functions which none of the members, as individual corporations can effectively provide for themselves.

The range of products manufactured and merchandised by Association members include the traditional interior, exterior and marine plywood products, and a wide range of modern engineered wood products encompassing structural plywoods used for formwork, residential and commercial flooring, wind and earthquake bracing, and feature cladding; and Laminated Veneer Lumber and I beam products used in both commercial and residential structures.

A strategic plan has been developed by the EWPAA members, with the objective of satisfying the mission statement. The market development program co-ordinated by the EWPAA on behalf of its members, comprises the following key elements:

  • Quality Control and Product Certification
  • Education and Training
  • Standards and Codes
  • Technical Promotion
  • Research and Development
  • Market Maintenance

The program is highly interactive.

The Associations office and laboratory facility in Brisbane, Australia is staffed by six full time employees and five part time casual laboratory technicians. At times, the EWPAA also calls on the expertise of contract & casual engineers to assist in achieving the EWPAA's goals.