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The JAS Certification Scheme

The JAS certification scheme is a scheme in Japan that certifies plywood and LVL products for use in Japan.The JAS Standards System refers to the certification system to attach the JAS marks to the products inspected in accordance with the Japan Agricultural Standard (JAS Standards) established by the Minister for Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.

The objectives of the JAS certification system are :

  1. Establish and disseminate the use of standards, in striving to
    • Improve Quality
    • Streamline Production
    • Achieve simple and fair transactions
    • Rationalize use and consumption
  2. Require proper labeling for quality, contributing to the choices of general consumers
  3. Contribute to the public well being

The EWPAA (Engineered Wood Products Association of Australasia ) is a commercial company that conducts JAS audits, training and certification.

To find out more about JAS and the Japanese MAFF, click here.

Notification of Withdrawal of Certification

Date of Withdrawal

Certificate Number

Company Name




Reason for Withdrawal

2 October 2015


Juken New Zealand Ltd. – Triboard Mill

Whangatane Drive, Kaitaia,

New Zealand

JAS SE-5, MAFF Notification Number 2904

Structural Panel

The mill voluntarily withdrew from certification