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The EWPAA Plantation Timber Certification Scheme

The Plantation Timber Certification System (PTCS) is operated by the JAS-ANZ accredited Engineered Wood Products Association of Australasia (EWPAA) for the Australian Forest Products Association (AFPA).
Products covered by the EWPAA PTCS are Structural softwood in accordance with AS/NZS 1748 and AS 2858 and in some cases non-standard products (provided that the manufacturers can prove that those products are fit for purpose).
The objectives of the EWPAA Plantation Timber Certification System are as follows: 
Primary objectives 
To assist participants in the PTCS to produce solid softwood products that consistently meet the relevant product standards. 
To have 100 percent of structural softwood production in Australia manufactured within the PTCS. 
To ensure all products within the PTCS are correctly identified. Secondary Objectives 
To promote EWPAA PTCS Quality marked wood products as those which comply with National Standards and thereby improve the public image of these products. 
To gain acceptance for EWPAA PTCS marked products by specifying authorities, architects, engineers, teaching institutions and government departments and thereby expand the market for such marked products. 
To utilise the EWPAA PTCS to increase product reliability and simultaneously improve production cost efficiencies and productivity. 
Structure of the PTCS 
The EWPAA PTCS consists of five elements, structured as follows: 
1. Operation of an in-mill process quality control system. 
2. Operation of an end product internal testing program to ensure conformance to National Standards and to continually measure the effectiveness of the process control program 
3. Operation of an internal auditing program to internally audit all requirements of the product certification scheme. 
4. Independent external audits of mill process control systems and internal auditing procedures carried out by qualified EWPAA staff.
5. Annual Third Party verification of the in-mill grade verification process using accumulated samples of a selected size/grade of structural wood. Such verification shall be performed by a certified test facility that meets the requirements of ISO 17025. A NATA accredited timber testing facility meets this requirement, as does the EWPAA laboratory.