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Chain of Custody Certification

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AS 4707 Standard
This standard is available for download from the Responsible Wood website. 

The Chain of Custody standard is a standard that aims to provide all organisations in the wood or forest products certification chain with the minimum criteria and requirements to implement a credible system for the tracking of wood or forest products originating from certified forests through all phases of ownership, transportation and manufacturing to the end consumer.

This Chain of Custody Standard is intended for voluntary application by any organisation that seeks to assure its customers that the certified wood and forest products they buy are sourced from a certified forest. Its application will assist in ensuring or delivering access to domestic and international markets that seek assurances on the origin of wood or forest products from sustainably managed forests. With the increasing availability of recycled wood based raw material in the marketplace, this CoC standard also allows organisations utilising virgin and recycled raw material to participate in CoC certification of mixed products.Chain of Custody (CoC) basically tracks a wood or forest product from its origin in a certified forest through to its end use as a wood or forest product by the consumer. CoC covers all intermediate steps such as harvesting, transportation, primary and secondary processing, manufacturing, re-manufacturing, distribution and sales. As such, CoC is an inventory control system that provides a quality assurance standard.

Accredited, independent, third-party certification against this CoC standard provides a clear statement that wood and forest products have been produced, in accordance with a set of clearly defined performance requirements, from certified forests that demonstrate sustainable forest management.

The EWPAA has a great deal of experience in certifying organisations under this standard.  If you would like to know more about the fundamentals of this standard, click here.

In order to have the EWPAA conduct your certification, you must download the application form below, then return this to  The other documents listed below provide useful information such as the fee structure, and the rules of the CoC certification scheme.

You can download all the documents you need for application below :